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ALADCO Industrial Engineering Solutions

As a leader in custom design and engineered products, Aladco® offers a family of patented pneumatic check valves, grip-clamps, and roller-cam clamps designed specifically to assist automation engineers. Doig Corporation is an authorized Aladco® distributor located in Wisconsin.

The Nu-Check© Valve, designed specifically for pneumatic applications, is patented by ALADCO®. It’s the only check valve on the market with both manual and pilot release capabilities.

The Clean-Check® Valve, designed specifically for Pneumatics is a patented ALADCO product. It is the only check valve on the market with both manual and pilot release capabilities. The bubble-tight seal keeps devices in position. If pressure loss should occur, the valve prevents drifting. To release the seal, depress the manual override button or operate the pilot. The Clean-Check® Valve is fully sealed for use in clean/sanitary environments without its function being affected. The valve is able to tolerate: dust, dirt, oil, grease, detergent, cleaning solutions and cutting Aladco Dual Check Valvesfluids.The Clean-Check® Valve has not been designed for use on vacuum, air over oil or high pressure applications.

The Dual-Check® is a valve assembly with two parallel check valves that can be manually overridden with a single button or with an internally plumbed air pilot. It is designed for pneumatic applications.

The Equa-Check® Valve, designed specifically for pneumatics, is a patented Aladco® product. It is the only check valve on the market with both manual and pilot release capabilities. Equa-Check® valves are pilot operated check valves where the pilot pressure is balanced by the IN chamber pressure. Load balancing systems are a type of application that can benefit from the functions of an Equa-Check® valve.



ALADCO offers a line of Pneumatic Grip-Clamps® ideal for your particular automotive, food and other industrial manufacturing requirements. Special heat treated alloy steel components offer superior wear and toughness. Adjustable cushions provide smooth, long operation. Standard arms allow for a wide range of tooling clearances. We offer toggle lock and power lock clamps allowing greater flexibility to fit all your manufacturing needs.


The toggle clamp is used for added safety and is designed so that the linkage goes over-center and remains in a positive locked position even in the absence of air pressure. The toggle clamp is unlocked only by the cylinder powering the linkage back through the over-center locked position.

The power lock is designed so that the linkage does not go over-center providing for variable clamping thicknesses.

We recommend the use of ALADCO check valves for toggle and power applications to maintain the air pressure and clamping force.




  • The largest gripper available – 10,900 inch-lbs. clamping force
  • Grip-Clamp mechanically toggle locks in the over-center clamped position
  • Standard 90o arm openings
  • Custom arms and special openings available
  • Enclosed 1.0″ cylinder rod prevents rod failure
  • Powered by a 4.00″ bore cylinder


  • All heat treated, precision ground alloy steel components for reliability
  • Grease fittings for re-lubrication
  • NFPA mounting to fit a quality cylinder
  • Hydraulic cylinder option available
  • Patented and made in the USA

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